Bi-weekly Thematic Challenges

Engaging in sustainable commuting is now an invigorating journey in itself. Our bi-weekly thematic challenges encourage you to opt for eco-friendly transportation methods and offer you the chance to win prizes. Get ready to savor the sweetness of success – every two weeks three lucky participants will receive jars of Lester B. Honey, a delightful product sourced from GAC's very own honeybees.

Participation Guidelines

  1. Every challenge will be based on a specific type of commute for the bi-weekly period (i.e., carpooling, cycling, walking, public transit, zero-emission commuting). More details on the current challenge can be found here: Thematic Challenge Calendar
  2. The start of each thematic challenge, with the chosen commuting method will be announced on the application every second Friday.
  3. To be entered for a chance to win, users must log their commutes specifically to the challenge. For example, if the theme is cycling, employees who cycle to and from work must log their cycling commute. Note: the commuting style will take the season into consideration.
  4. Each logged commute counts as one submission for the bi-weekly draw.
  5. Winners will be announced on the application and are encouraged to contact ecoGAC to claim their jar of honey:


Climb the Ranks

Introducing the ecoCommute Leaderboard: your platform to shine. Through this feature, you will witness the bi-weekly ranking of top ecoCommute enthusiasts. Your dedication to sustainable commuting will earn you a coveted spot, setting the stage for friendly competition.

The leaderboard in the application displays the bi-weekly ranking of employees’ usage of ecoCommute based on the number of logged commutes.

How it works

To introduce some friendly competition among peers through the bi-weekly thematic challenges and the loyalty program, the number of commutes and the badges of the top 20 users will be displayed on the leaderboard.

Loyalty Program

Earning your Badge

Enter the world of ecoCommute badges – a visual testament to your commitment. Each badge (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum) represents your level of sustainable commuting engagement.

Progression Path

As you log your commutes through the application, your badge will progress in tandem. With every commute logged, you inch closer to the next tier.










250 and more

Referral Program

Share the Green Spirit!

By sharing your unique ecoCommute code with colleagues, you earn 50 points upon their successful registration.

Together, let's embrace a greener tomorrow while enjoying the tangible benefits of the ecoCommute Incentive Program. Your commitment drives change and your participation fuels progress.